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Internationally Recognized Company

NAVIK Mills (PVT) LTD has won the trust of the global customer base through consistently delivering premium quality organic coconut based products, spices and fruits. Our excellence is a direct manifestation of the strong commitment to manufacturing quality, ethical business practices and environment stewardship. During the last few years we have crafted, implemented and keep refining the policies & practices that directly & indirectly contribute to the end product quality, and our impact to the community & the environment at large.


Aligned with NAVIK Mills (PVT) LTD mission and vision, and with the intention to deliver the highest quality and food safety standards in the food products we are producing and marketing our products under all the required food quality certificates.


Our process

We understand the requirements of the International Market

Our quality management system has been developed to use globally recognized guarantee of food safety, compliance with above mentioned quality standards in order to provide safe and healthy foods for the global community. Our internal quality management system is audited and verified annually by independent certification bodies to verify conformity to internal standards, global standards, laws and regulatory requirements.


Testimonies of Excellence

Our Company is Best Suited for the Export Market

Browse through our number of certifications and see for yourself the magnitude of our products and the acknowledgement of its hygiene, production process, quality as well as many more attributes.


Sustainability Policy Statement

Preserving the World for the Future

 Through the effective implementation of the Company’s integrated health, safety, environmental and quality management system, within a legal compliance framework, the environmental and social impact of our business is minimized resulting in greater efficiency and thus improved sustainability. This policy is maintained and supported by targeting the following key objectives:


CSR Initiatives

Well-Being of the Society is Our Priority

As I Love Coco, we are socially responsible for the well-being and the safety of the community we live in and work with. In upgrading the livelihood of these communities, we have organized and actively initiated sustainability development activities throughout the year. We are hoping to improve the awareness of our employees of their responsibility to the community in building a greater future.